Without Reservation

Connie Hayes (Colville, Creek, Cherokee)

Podcast ImageConnie grew up without knowing her father. When she was three years old, he was shot and killed. She was raised by her grandparents in rural Oklahoma. Listen as she shares about what it was like to grow up in that stable, loving environment… and the impact that her grandparents had on her life.

Emerson Falls (Sac and Fox) Part 1

Podcast ImageEmerson was raised in the urban area, away from the reservation. But home was where the relatives were… and they would go back often. His dad raised the family Christian after being coming out of the traditional way. Emerson followed, but later became involved in the militancy movement.

Frank Ward (Cree) Part 2

Podcast ImageFrank speaks candidly about the quest for love. He tells of how he would do things he knew weren’t right in order to gain the acceptance of others. He would come to realize though that all he needed would be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Frank is both honest and confident as he shares these personal things.

Frank Ward (Cree) Part 1

Podcast ImageFrank grew up in the Cree community of Loon Lake, Alberta. He remembers good times with family in the bush, hunting and trapping. He reflects on the value of having a dad and a mom. And he speaks about his spiritual journey, how he came to understand that he had a problem he couldn’t fix. Listen as he shares the solution to his troubling situation.

Bob Moberly (Dene)

Podcast ImageBob was raised in an alcoholic environment with all the miseries that come with it. He was slow to learn because of the stress at home. One day, His uncle told him, that “You ought to be shot, but that would be a waste of a bullet… you ain’t worth it”. Bob shares how he learned how valuable he was to someone else though, and how it changed his life forever.

James Moses (Cree)

Podcast ImageJames grew up in Moose Factory, Ontario, a Cree community on the south end of James Bay. His parents brought him up in religion, but his life was empty as a young man. There was a man though, who had come to the community who was different… and he helped James move from religion to a real relationship with his Creator. Listen as James talks about the difference.

Mindy Eagle (Nez Perce)

Podcast ImageMany youth have come to the conclusion that there is no purpose or meaning in life. And because of that, they see no reason for living. Mindy was one of those young people, but something happened to her brother that caught her attention, and then it wasn’t long till she had a change of heart.

Paul Frost (Yup’ik) Part 3

Podcast Image“I wanted to go do these drugs cause I hadn’t done them for quite some time and it was time for me to do them again. I used to go on three-day binges. I would disappear and my wife and kids didn’t know where I was. They didn’t know if I was dead or alive or nothing.” Listen as Paul shares his battle with addiction and how it finally came to an end.

Paul Frost (Yup’ik) Part 2

Podcast ImageWorking on the Alaska pipeline, Paul got into drugs and alcohol. It changed his life. His addictions had full control over him, until one night, when he had a dream that was so terrifying, that it caused him to stop and consider.

Paul Frost (Yup’ik) Part 1

Podcast ImageHe was in a fist fight at least twice a week, every week for most of his schooling… because of the way he looked. He didn’t fit in with the white kids… he didn’t fit in with the Native kids. Listen as Paul shares about the early days of his journey and how that would influence his outlook in the days to come.