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Richard Paul (Maliseet) Part 3

When Richard finally decided not to worry about what others thought, he publicly went forward to accept Jesus as his Savior. His life changed. Drugs and alcohol were left behind...

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Richard Paul (Maliseet) Part 2

Cocaine had a hold of him… and he couldn’t break it’s grip. His life was falling apart. His wife had left him numerous times. Richard’s addictions were destroying his family....

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Richard Paul (Maliseet) Part 1

Richard got involved in alcohol and drugs early in life. Even though everything looked fine on the outside, he was being torn apart on the inside. He met a girl...

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Veronica Moberly (Okanagan)

Veronica was rejected by her biological father. He lived only an hour away but had no desire to be a part of her life. Not only did she feel that...

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Jeff VanEvery (Cayuga) Part 3

“Anybody can be an alcoholic. That’s easy… all you got to do is pick up the alcohol and start drinking… and eventually you’ll become an alcoholic… because you allow that...

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Jeff VanEvery (Cayuga) Part 2

Jeff was paying a great price for his drinking. His family had left him and he was all alone. She wouldn’t have anything to do with him. It didn’t matter...

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