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Ray Sparklingeyes (Cree) Part 3

Ray recalls how his grandfather told him stories that were handed down from his people… stories that were very scary and brought fear to him as a child. He...

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Ray Sparklingeyes (Cree) Part 2

“… and when I woke up, I was sick. Not only from what I had drank that previous night, but the burden of sin was heavy upon me. And...

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Ray Sparklingeyes (Cree) Part 1

Ray grew up in northern Alberta. He loved ball games, dances, and the pleasures of life in his youth. But he had no peace. One of his friends though...

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Venus Cote (Saulteaux) Part 3

God tells us in His Word that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. That’s what happened to Venus. God took her broken life and changed...

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Venus Cote (Saulteaux) Part 2

“I can’t do this anymore. I can not do this anymore. I said, my heart is broken enough and this time it can not be repaired. I can’t do...

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Venus Cote (Saulteaux) Part 1

Venus’ life began in tragedy. When she was just a little girl she saw her dad kill her mom. It was the beginning of a life that was marked...

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