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Larry Hawkins (Chickasaw) Part 1

His was mother was Chickasaw. His father, who was Anglo, rejected him as his son... so Larry grew up in someone else' home with the stigma of being a "half-breed". He had heard that these kinds of boys were the worst, and so somehow he thought he ne...

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Julius TwoHearts (Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux) Part 3

When people can tell you they see the joy of the Lord or they can see God in you, WOW, that makes it more worthwhile. That just gives me that joy that’s inexpressible, because there’s people that walk up to me and ask me, "Why are you always smiling,...

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Julius TwoHearts (Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux) Part 2

All this time these people are witnessing to me, telling me Jesus loves me, then I start finally understanding what they meant. They told me that Jesus came here and died for sinners. He died on the cross because of the human race rebellion and sin -...

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Julius TwoHearts (Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux) Part 1

I started running around as older adults do when I was a teenager, and we got caught one night, and we had an open container; I was only fourteen years old and I got judged as an adult, and I had to sit in jail. They wouldn’t let me out of jail for...

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Carrie Herman (Cup’ik)

Carrie was born in 1929 on Nunavik island, the second largest island on the Bering Sea. There were no white people, no stores, no running water... nothing that resembles the conveniences of today. Life was challenging. Listen as Carrie recounts her...

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Albert Tenario (Acoma Pueblo)

Albert's heart was hard... by his own admission. He had a hateful feeling towards anyone who would try to speak to him about Jesus. He was mean to his wife who was a Christian. He even burned her Bible. But through it all, she stuck with him, and ...

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